I support organisations by helping resolve their
marketing and communication challenges.


Interim management

Advice & coaching


Interim marketing and communication management

Many companies and organisations are in the process of transformation. This can be due to internal changes, brand repositioning or other factors including restructuring or upgrading. In these situations, temporary support of an interim manager is often required. An innovative and ‘out of the box’ thinking individual who can accelerate these processes with the right skill set and experience.

I have worked as an interim manager for various service providers including retail, education and government. Whilst working for communication and design companies I dealt with all sorts of organisations and sectors, from automotive to financial services providers, fast moving industries to telcom, energy to charitable organizations.

I enjoy contributing directly to the successful implementation of necessary change. This can be either in a strategic advisory role or as a temporary team leader.

Tasks/themes that reoccur often in my interim assignments are:

  • (Re)formulating the brand essence.
  • Developing and implementing the internal communication strategy which supports the change process.
  • Creating/improving the visual identity.
  • Developing and implementing the external communication strategy whereby the revised brand story is communicated.
  • Leading (or creating) a multi-disciplinary team (online, offline, PR, HR, change, etc) to collectively pursue the challenge.
  • Being the spokesman who shares the story on behalf of the organization with the outside world (including the press).

How can I help your organisation further?

  • Managing the marketing, brand and/or communications department on an interim basis.
  • Taking up projects as an interim senior advisor in the field of:
    • corporate communication (acting as a spokesperson)
    • marketing
    • marketing communication
    • internal communication
    • branding
    • change
  • Advising how to build a team of permanent employees in the best possible way.
  • Coaching junior and mid-level employees.

Are you interested, would you like to bring an acceleration into your organisation? It would be good to talk!

Advice | Coaching | Sparring partner

Alongside long-term interim assignments, I am regularly asked to advise on problems and find solutions to various challenges. This is often for organisations with a creative profile like advertising, brand design and digital agencies and other organisations and sectors with a creative focus.

Questions raised are:

  • How do we enhance our position that makes us ‘fit for the future’?
  • How do we improve the set up of our organisation to make us more responsive?
  • How can we make our business development approach more effective?
  • How do we effectively communicate our story?
  • How can we improve cohesiveness of the management team?

Depending on the specific needs and requirements, I can enlist other professional specialists to work as part of the team. I work regularly with other professionals like Karen de Loos and Juliette Mudde.

How can I be of further help to your organisation?

  • As a sounding board/coach to enhance the positioning of your company.
  • By carrying out internal and external analysis to find out how your organisation is being perceived by employees and clients.
  • Support your organisation in your business development approach.
  • Advise on how your internal organisation can improve the adaption to the market.
  • Train your teams on how to evolve from project managers to relationship builders.
  • Support in preparing a pitch/participation in tenders.
  • Support employees to enhance briefing their departments.

Are you interested in brainstorming with me or talking about where you want to go next with your agency/organisation? It would be good to talk!

Matchmaking | Pitch consultancy

The right combination of people means you can fly. Whether this is to form the best team or build a successful working relationship between client and agency.

Because of my experience, I know both sides of the table very well and I am regularly asked to help select the best working partnerships. I have supervised the selection process to find new agency partners for various sized clients. This can be for advertising, digital and for brand design agencies.

My approach distinguishes what I offer from others because I pay attention to the human aspect of the relationship. Apart from the professional fit is there the right personal chemistry? In addition to the choice for a new partner, we can help make the relationship between agency and client more effective.

I ensure my knowledge of the fragmented agency market is current by staying well informed and up to speed on what is happening within the industry.

How can I be of any further help to your organisation?

  • Advising on how to improve your agency relationship by making it more cooperative and flexible.
  • Helping you find a new partner be it an advertising, brand design or digital agency. I have a structured approach for this to find an optimal match.
  • Advising you to secure an optimal line-up of specialised agencies.
  • Ensuring financial agreements between client and agency are clear and do not lead to false expectations on both sides.

Would you like to exchange ideas to find out if you are still working in the best way with your creative partners? Phone or email me.

About Peter

After graduating I worked for Postbank (currently ING) and various renowned creative agencies (both in the Netherlands and abroad).

Ten years ago, I decided to start my own agency. The common thread to my activities throughout the years is the question how can you connect people, organisations and brands optimally with each other.

In my role as interim manager, advisor and pitch consultant this is always my core guiding principle. I love working with people regardless of their level within the organisation. My personal credo is promise and overdeliver. With this you surprise people and they return to work with you.

On the basis of feedback I receive from people who have worked with me, the following terms apply to me: creative, sense of humour, committed, unconventional, open-minded, professional and curious.

Recently, I received the following compliment from a client:

​‘​You are a connector who works strongly from curiosity. Like no other, you try to understand the (client’s) perspective and you know how to translate this into a conceptual approach. Alongside the skill to comprehend the concept, you also possess a talent to translate the message into concrete actions and activities. The beauty is that you are always you and that you are ready and willing to roll up your sleeves. This makes you an equal, nice and pleasant colleague. In fact you are a great brand yourself.‘



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